Free Adult Hookup Sites

Finding life-lasting love is what we are used to, but sometimes we merely want to have a friend with benefits or occasional sex. However, it’s not very easy to find a partner. If you aren’t keen to fail in seeking a one-night affair in bars or on the streets (Red Lights one doesn’t count), there are many special hookup sites. So, this article is to tell you about the top-three best legit hookup sites that really work. Let’s get started!

Free Adult Hookup Sites

Best Free Adult Hookup Sites


An innovative hookup app with an unusual matching system. After the registration, you have only one hour to locate and chat with others before your profile is destroyed. During that one hour, you can send a “georequest” for casual sex, get contact details from people, and set up a date. If you want to try Pure again, you’d have to create a whole new profile.

Here are the pros and cons of this hookup site briefly.

Pros of Pure

  • minimalistic design
  • there are no personal details on profiles other than your selfie
  • all your personal information, requests, and conversations are deleted after an hour.

Cons of Pure

  • need to create a new profile every time
  • the time limit and location restricts your activity
  • no info that a selfie is available.

‘Pure’ may seem inconvenient, but it’s one of the safest hookup sites that exist.


One of the best hookup sites for gay guys. It has been launched in 2003, and it claims to be a pioneer in the online gay dating community. Adam4Adam has over 10 million members so far, and it’s still growing.

Pros of Adam4Adam

  • has a built-in live stream service and sex shop
  • completely free to use
  • 53% of the all-male members are non-white

Cons of Adam4Adam

  • app’s design isn’t quite appealing
  • the long email verification process
  • full of advertisements.

The site is reliable and focuses not only on sex but on finding relationships as well.


This hookup site is for lesbian, bisexual, and queer women. ‘Her’ is said to be the most popular lesbian dating app made for queer women by queer women. In addition to being a hookup service, it also serves as a social media platform to post status updates.

Pros of Her

  • messaging is free and unlimited
  • all profiles have photos
  • members are not only looking for love but for friendship as well
  • young adults dominate.

Cons of Her

  • cannot do a manual search
  • some issues with biphobia happen.

So, ‘Her’ is both a hookup site and social media for queer women.

Effective Tips for Safe Hookups

And here’s a little bonus for our reader.

If you’ve finally decided to register at an adult hookup site, you should really think about the safety and lawfulness of your actions. No, no, we won’t tell about the birds and the bees, but there are some rules one must keep in mind.

#1 No Sexting

Yes, sounds weird in the context of adult hookup, but don’t do this. All the sites provide a safety policy, which though cannot be reliable for 100%. It is not the program that is under question, but people you chat with. Firstly, the leak of your erotic photos may destroy your family, career, and reputation. Secondly, there’s a chance that a minor might stand behind the hot chick’s (guy’s) profile you’ve sent the pic to. And that results in a sentence if revealed. Be careful with a person you want to hook up with!

#2 No is No

Have you ever heard of cyberstalking? It is the act of persistent and unwanted contact from someone online. Unfortunately, it’s not a rare thing on hookup sites. Besides, cyberstalking is a crime. So, it is extremely important that you respect the boundaries of your companion. If he or she expresses a desire to end communication, make sure to respect the decision. You should quickly and respectfully end your communication with them and move on. Don’t take cyberstalking for attaining! Persistence is excessive sometimes.

#3 Your Profile Photo Must be Yours

Everyone sees a huge amount of flaws in their appearance or personality. It may sound pretty seductive to embellish the image a little to increase the chances. Besides, it’s easy to do on free hookup platforms. A disadvantage, yep.

It’s hilarious when a man comes up on a date with a pretty woman and sees…well, not the one he expected. However, it is so in films only. Imagine such a situation in reality – how awkward! We strongly recommend you put your true photo on the profile. Trust us, adults look for real hookups with real people, not with pretty images (don’t forget to comb before taking a pic though).

#4 Google Your Potential Date

Remember the previous rule? You never know if your partner tells the truth or looks like that in real life. You would say it’s a common risk of hookup sites, and you’ll be absolutely right. However, it’s better to always take it with a grain of salt and check out a person on social media to feel calm.

#5 Keep Secrets

We mean, don’t tell too much personal information to your one-time hookup. Many people think that a no-strings-attached affair is a psychotherapy session, too. Like, you’ll never see the person again, so what a great chance to bare your soul! Nope. You meet to get pleasure, not to listen to each other’s problems.

Speaking seriously, don’t give out places you normally visit, your family members’ locations, your birthday, and other personal information. You never know what your hookup partner has got in mind.


So, it’s easy to choose the best site for your needs. Finding an affair has never been so quick and simple. Just be friendly, positive, and careful! Follow the safety tips discussed in this article to ensure the safe online dating experience. And do not waste a minute of your time and register on the best free adult hookup sites today!

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